The Dolomites 24 June - 1 July 2017

The Dolomites are truly spectacular mountains with jagged crags and soaring spires, the kind we all drew as children. It is hard to accept, when gazing at peaks some 3000m and more above sea level, that they began life, beneath the sea, millions of years ago.

The high mountains are comprised mainly of the eponymous ‘dolomite’ a calcium-magnesium carbonate but, by choosing the Adamello-Brenta region with its granitic rocks, we can experience both acidic and dolomite regions which boast a very different flora. We always manage to find a degree of solitude in a region popular with walkers and make extensive use of cable cars to get to the heights (up to around 7000 feet). This allows photographers to spend fruitful time in flower meadows at high altitudes. Here we can amble on way-marked trails through landscapes of a majesty it is hard to describe. The magnificent dolomitic peaks provide a backdrop to images of alpine plants – this is the perfect place for those stunning wide angle macro shots.

The alpine and subalpine flower meadows are as rich as any in Europe - brilliant spikes of orange lilies flourish with numerous species of wild flowers and a rich variety of butterflies and other insects that thrive on the plants. Our walks are varied, chosen for their flowers and views over mountains, lakes and waterfalls. Our two centres are Madonna di Campiglio and Molveno, situated on opposite sides of the Brenta range:

Price: €1730

Dates: 24 June - 1 July 2016

For the first part of our trip we are based in a modern 3 star hotel in Madonna di Campiglio, a ski resort, then we move to Molveno to another modern 3 star hotel over looking the lake

What’s included:
* All tuition
* All local travel including pick up and drop off at airport
* Cost of cable cars where used
* All meals with wine - gourmet picnics at lunchtime (weather permitting)
* All accommodation

What’s not included:
* Flights
* Personal insurance

Food & Drink:
Here there is a strong Germanic influence on the cuisine, being once a part of theAustro-Hungarian empire. Good, wholesome mountain fare with polenta …and the cakes are wonderful. There are also some interesting wines, particularly whites that originate in the Trento and Veneto regions on the souther borders of these mountains.

The Dolomites - Itinerary

Day 1
After flying to Venice we meet you at the airport and transfer you to our comfortable hotel in Madonna di Campiglio.

Day 2
A short minibus transfer takes us into the mountains on the west side of the valley. These mountains are granite with a distinctive flora, in sharp contrast to much of what we experience throughout the week with the dolomitic flora. We climb slowly to Lago Ritorto (where we picnic) through light woodland full of alpine clematis, alpenrose and a host of other plants. After exploring the area around and above the lake we follow a path that takes us back to our vehicle through immense areas of alpenrose cascading over granite rocks and stunning views (clouds permitting) of the Brenta Dolomites to the east.

Day 3
A cable car journey takes us high into the Dolomites (2400m) where we begin a walk (weather permitting) to the Tucket refuge where we will lunch. The paths are well marked but decidedly stony with numerous alpines growing alongside them - snowbells, crocus, pulsatillas, eidelweiss. After lunch we descend through subalpine regions full of flowers to the refuge of Valesinella.

Day 4
Another cable car journey places us on high alpine pastures above Madonna. Flowers abound and there are huge boulders of dolomite that have become natural rock gardens. We pass a large marmot colony where sentinels utter their piercing whistles and picnic amongst vanilla orchids with a vista of the Adamello Brenta surrounding us. After lunch we descend on well marked paths with stupendous views of dolomite peaks, to a series of waterfalls which we cross over numerous wooden walkways.

Day 5
Travel to the Val di Genova and its huge waterfalls en route for our next base at Molveno. After lunch the afternoon is free to wander in and around this lakeside resort or take chairlifts high above the lake for views.

Day 6
Today, our walk takes us into spectacular scenery through the Valle delle Seghe via a chairlift from Molveno. A cliffside path, well maintained and carved from the rocks is our trail and there are speciality plants such as the devil’s claw en route. We make a detour after lunch for some real alpine prizes and then descend through an ancient pine wood to Molveno.

Day 7
We journey to the meadows beyond Molveno where Orange lilies and other plants abound for some classic landscape. shots. We walk to the next village and then return along a streamside path to our hotel.

Day 8
Return home via flights from Venice.

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