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PUBLICATIONS - Paul Harcourt Davies

This is a list, to date, of published works in English, various books have been published in other languages: French, Spanish, Dutch, German and, recently Chinese. A Google search reveals that some of the travel books have appeared in other tongues.


a. Wide-angle Macro |The Essential Guide
Paul Harcourt Davies & Clay Bolt (2012)


1. Wild Orchids of Britain and Europe, Chatto and Windus (1983)
Paul and Jenne Davies, Anthony Huxley.

2. The Pyrenees, Batsford (1991)
Bob Gibbons and Paul H. Davies

3. Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe (1993)
Crowood - Karl Peter Buttler (consultant editor Paul H. Davies)

4. Wildlife Travelling Companion - France, Crowood 1992
Bob Gibbons and Paul H. Davies

5. Flowers of Southern Europe, Crowood (1993)
Paul H. Davies and Bob Gibbons

6. Flowers of Northern Europe, Crowood (1994)
Bob Gibbons and Paul H. Davies

7 Globetrotter Travel Guide - Cyprus New Holland (1996)
Paul H Davies

8 Globetrotter Travel Guide - Greek Islands New Holland (1997)
Paul H Davies

9 Globetrotter Travel Guide - Rhodes New Holland (1997)
Paul H Davies

10. The Complete Guide to Close-up & Macrophotography David & Charles (1998) Paul Harcourt Davies (also in German, Dutch, French and Spanish editions)

11. Photographing Plants & Flowers Collins and Brown (February 2002)
Paul Harcourt Davies

12. The Complete Guide to Outdoor Photography David & Charles (October 2002)

13. Small Things Big - a look at the hidden world of nature. Paul Harcourt Davies. Quarto (Watson Guptill USA, David & Charles UK) October 2003

14. Nature Photography Close-Up - a look at the hidden world of nature Paul Harcourt Davies. Quarto (Watson Guptill USA) October 2003. This is identical to Small Things Big

15. The Photographer’s Practical Handbook David &Charles 2005

16. Digital Photography Q&A Lark 2006

17. Digital Photography Q&A Lark revised and re-designed 2009

18. Digital Close-up Photography Q&A, Lark 2012

Major Contributions to books by other authors:

19. Encyclopaedia of Orchids - Weldon (1992)
Editor Dr Alec Prigeon Sections on Temperate Orchids plus 150 colour Pictures by Paul H. Davies

20. The Rough Guide - Cyprus April (1993)
section on Wildlife of Cyprus by Paul H. Davies.

21. A manual of Cultivated Orchid Species Cribb et Al

Magazine Series etc

22. Cyprus and its Wildflowers, Alpine Garden Society Bulletin June 1979 onwards. for three issues )

23. European Orchid Genera, American Orchid Society Bulletin (monthly January 1985 onwards for 12 issues)

24. Macro Magic Amateur Photographer - 4 issues, March - April 1992

25. Orchid Review - Orchids of Cyprus (4 articles), Orchids of Italy (7)

26. Outdoor Photographer - Macro photography 2000 - 2001 (5 editions)

27. Outdoor Photographer Letters from Italy (30)

28. Freelance Photography -various

29. Hardy Orchid Society Bulletin - numerous, ongoing

Cyprus Wild Orchids - issue of four stamps depicting rare wild orchids (1981) for the government of Cyprus

These have appeared in a wide range of publications including:

Amateur Gardener
Amateur Photography
BBC Wildlife
British Wildlife
Country Life
Digital Photographer
Gardens Illustrated
National Geographic
Outdoor Photography
Plants and Gardens
Practical Photography
Professional Digital
Science Now
Sunday Telegraph etc
The Garden
The Guardian
The Independent
The Times
WildPlanet Photomagazine
World Magazine....